Voyage a' Paris - An homage to the city of love


We were able to test the fragrance in advance at the Fragrance du Bois fragrance fair in Cannes and were immediately impressed by the latest creation. They also presented us with the more limited Swarowski Edition. These bottles, which are masterfully handcrafted, not only exude a wonderful scent, but are also an absolutely unique, luxurious collector's item. Prices on request and available directly from us.

Voyage a Paris - Swarovski

Perfumer Kevin Mathys created this seductive scent that takes the senses on a sweet, creamy adventure. In the top note, the fragrance opens with a lively orange blossom, which is accompanied and contrasted by a hint of rum, resulting in a warm, slightly sweet fragrance impression. Tagetes also brings a touch of freshness to this sweet mixture and creates an attractive overall impression.
The magic of the fragrance unfolds in the heart note, through the contrast of the beguiling jasmine note with the rich and authentic honey. Jasmine gives the scent a floral white elegance, while honey adds a creamy, gourmand dimension. This interaction creates a sensual, almost addictive depth that harmonizes perfectly with the rum in the top note.
The base presents an earthy depth with oak and supporting warm oud, adding complexity and three-dimensionality to the scent, while the vanilla maintains a pleasant sweetness and plays into the insane pleasantness of the scent. Overall, Voyage à Paris is a fascinating fragrance journey in which honey, rum and jasmine merge harmoniously and take the senses into a sweet, floral and gourmand world while the woody, earthy base creates a masterful contrast. A fragrance for all occasions that is both super versatile and exceptional and elegant.