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Boadicea the Victorious


      The legendary perfumes from Boadicea the Victorious embody a fascinating combination of tradition, heritage and timeless luxury, as the brand itself emphasizes. Each fragrance was created to celebrate the beauty, strength and royal character of Britain. Inspired by the legendary Queen Boadicea, who significantly influenced the country, the scents highlight the outstanding qualities that lie within people. Immerse yourself in the story of Boadicea the Victorious and discover the unique, unconventional and powerful eau de parfums that set the true benchmark for luxury.

      We would like to inform you that we are one of the very few official dealers of the British luxury brand Boadicea the Victorious in Germany. We are supplied directly by Boadicea. We hereby guarantee you 100% original goods. We distance ourselves from online shops that trade in gray market goods, overstocked goods or fake products. That doesn't correspond to our philosophy. Your PUA PUA team

      23 products

      23 products